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Wide Boyz Crack Trainer with Soft Grip

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The Wide Boyz Crack Trainer allows you to custom-size any crack width to meet your own personal training needs. Adjust the two halves to your desired width and voilá, you've replicated your project. No need to buy multiple cracks; the Crack Trainer has everything in one. The Wide Boyz have even included some notes on setting widths to help you. It comes in a flat-pack style with instructions on how to assemble, and you can also watch the video in the picture gallery.

Soft Grip is provided with this product and can be installed within the assembly process, plus easily replaced at a later date if worn. Using Soft Grip will provide a grippy and comfortable crack feel. This option is good for Endurance and Power Endurance work outs, as well as working on technique. For a more difficult jamming surface purchase without Soft Grip

A note from The Wide Boyz:

“We climb using both a Soft Grip and a wooden jamming surface. Having both options lets us tailor our training and climbing sessions to the intensity we want, enabling us to dial in our technique and get stronger quicker”
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